Relais Casamassima | Azienda agricola a Perugia
L’azienda agricola produce olio e vini di altissima qualità che offriamo agli ospiti del Relais Casamassima.
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The Pieve San Sebastiano Farm was created by Prof. Giuseppe Ragnotti, the current owner’s grandfather, at the end of the 19th century. Professor of Anatomy at the University of Perugia, he always cultivated a great passion for agriculture so much so that in the second part of his life he devoted himself completely to it, producing wine and olive oil of the highest quality.


The extra-virgin olive oil produced by its mill received great consideration, as witnessed by numerous prizes and awards, among which the Gold Medal for olive oil at the International Sample Exhibition of Foligno in 1902 and the Diploma of Labor Merit. in the production of fine olive oils from 1913.


From the vineyards, which extend for about nine hectares, various types of wines are produced, all of which can be tasted during the stay at the Relais Casamassima.



‘Pergole Nuove’ UMBRIA IGT

This wine comes from the choice of our best Merlot grapes. Ruby red in color, the taste is harmonious and well structured, with a beautiful freshness and a marked vinosity. It goes excellent with first courses, red meats, cold cuts and young cheeses. We recommend serving it around 18 ° C.

Harvest available: 2017, 2018

I Piaggini’ UMBRIA IGT 

This wine comes from the choice of our best Grechetto grapes. Straw yellow in color, fresh, fragrant, with mineral notes and moderate acidity. The taste is firm and soft. The scent expresses hints of white fruit and spices. It combines excellently with fish first and second courses, cold appetizers, soups and white meat. It is recommended to serve it around 10 ° -14 ° C. Harvest available: 2018

‘Le Ginestre’ UMBRIA IGT 

This wine comes from the choice of our best Chardonnay grapes. Typical straw yellow color, fragrant and dry flavor, with an elegant background of ripe fruit. It goes excellent with cold cuts and aged cheeses, with first and second courses of fish and white meat. We recommend serving it around 12 ° C.

Harvest available: 2018


The Pieve San Sebastiano Farm counts on an area of olive grove of about 10 hectares, focused on the Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Dolce Agogia varieties. The olives are harvested by hand and are milled in a nearby mill selected by the company because it guarantees the immediacy of the cold pressing operation, a necessary condition for obtaining a high quality product. The overall characteristics of this oil show substantial stability in the various crops, year after year, thanks to the origin of centuries-old varieties.

The company takes care of an early harvest that guarantees an excellent degree of acidity and an exaltation of the aroma and flavor of the oil.


Product description

Casamassima’s  extra virgin olive oil, after the natural decantation process, is presented with a clear, intense yellow-green color. The nose is pleasant and harmonious, characterized by fruity notes and strong vegetal tones, with clear hints of fresh herbs. In the mouth it is round and balanced in sweet-spicy tones. The organoleptic characteristics are enhanced on foods and in particular on grilled vegetables and meats, with which a harmonious fusion of flavors is created.

Available formats: 0,25 lt ; 1 lt; 2 lt; 3 lt; 5 lt