Relais Casamassima | Mysteries in Umbria
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Mysteries in Umbria

Mysteries in Umbria

A bit of charm and mystery have never hurt anyone. Are you ready for something far from ordinary? Umbria is: get your camera and go…

The Labyrinth of Hadrian: An entire underground city, a mosaic excavated in almost three thousand years, one piece at a time, by the inhabitants of the Rupe. The Hadrian’s Labyrinth is a place where the visitor can admire a vivid example of a subterranean city. A network of tunnels and caves typical of the historical and archaeological site of Orvieto, enriched by a series of sculptures and works of art imprinted in tuff. A visit to the caves, the welcome with the possibility of tasting typical products will give the visitors an indelible memory.

The Scarzuola: The work by Tomaso Buzzi, who imagined and built this magical city: stairs, labyrinths, towers, gardens, amphitheaters, mosaics, obelisks, dragons and a woman’s bust. A magical place hidden in the green of the bush, a mix of religiosity and esotericism, various elements that refer to the Catholic religion, but also to particular rites, with impressive symbols.

Ferentillo: Under the church of Santo Stefano, there is the famous mummy museum. For a strange physicochemical phenomenon produced by microorganisms present in the soil, the bodies buried in this place do not rot but mummify naturally. Witnesses claim that mummies are not the only things that are there, but many ghost also wander the place.

Narni Fortress: In the suggestive and imposing Narnian albornoziana fortress, legends are many. It seems, that every now and then the ghost of a woman wearing a long colored drape is spotted. Probably the tormented soul of Giulia Farnese, lover of the terrible Pope Alessandro Borgia. There is no mystery, however, in the quality and friendliness that you will find in the Relais Casamassima, but perhaps they also keep some secrets that they can’t wait to show you.

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