Relais Casamassima | Perugia 1416: live history
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Perugia 1416: live history

Perugia 1416: live history

Drape and banners, crest and customs, twirlers and trumpets, the five Rioni of Perugia wear the garments of their past and return to compete against each other. The trials are arduous and tedious, skills, boldness, strength, speed and resistance are required. Who will win the Palio?

Exciting competitions will keep you breathless until the last moment in a thrilling surge of strength, precision and courage. Be charmed by the beauty of the traditional costumes that parade in the procession. Admire the triumphal entrance of the Great Braccio Fortebracci, his first steps in the city, allegedly, signed the passage from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from the past to the future, a new era of promise and progress that relives and rises before your eyes. Perugia 1416: the emotion of being able to touch the history and be part of it, June 9th /11th 2017.

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