Discover Umbria


As the regional capital, the city of jazz, and a paradise for chocolate enthusiasts, Perugia beckons with its enchanting cobbled streets and picturesque alleyways. Uncover the hidden gems this vibrant city has to offer.


It is probably the most famous town in Umbria, especially abroad: we are talking about Assisi. Its spirituality is known everywhere, but we guarantee that there is much more to discover.

Lake Trasimeno

Prepare for an enchanting journey through one of Umbria’s most captivating destinations Lake Trasimeno. Delight in the mesmerizing landscapes, witness breathtaking sunsets along the shores, and uncover splendid hidden villages steeped in a history intricately woven with myth and tradition.


Discover the allure of Gubbio, affectionately nicknamed the “City of Fools.” This medieval town boasts a wealth of stone buildings and numerous vantage points offering breathtaking views of the surrounding valley.
Gubbio is a living testament to Italy’s folkloristic legacy, with the Festa dei Ceri standing out as one of the oldest and most cherished events.


Spoleto, renowned for the Italian TV series Don Matteo and the Festival of Two Worlds, beckons as more than just a picturesque town. This hilltop city, adorned with a seamless blend of Roman, Lombard, and medieval art, stands tall as one of Umbria’s most majestic treasures.


Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Valnerina, where the architecture of ancient villages gracefully blends with the surrounding nature along mountain slopes.
This region of Umbria is a hidden gem, offering a diverse array of activities for nature enthusiasts from mountain hiking to thrilling rafting adventures along routes weaving between charming villages and picturesque plateaus.

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