Immerse yourself in Lake Trasimeno's spellbinding wonder

Prepare for an enchanting journey through one of Umbria’s most captivating destinations Lake Trasimeno. Delight in the mesmerizing landscapes, witness breathtaking sunsets along the shores, and uncover splendid hidden villages steeped in a history intricately woven with myth and tradition. Allow the allure of Lake Trasimeno to be your guide, leading you to moments of awe and discovery in this picturesque corner of Umbria.

Discover the rich tapestry of experiences at Lake Trasimeno

Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes surrounding Lake Trasimeno, where the sprawling plains and verdant hills set the stage for a myriad of unforgettable experiences. Venture beyond the shores to partake in cultural excursions, indulge in exquisite food and wine journeys, and embark on invigorating hikes, all amidst the bountiful heritage of diverse flora, fauna, and medieval architecture.

Explore the hidden gems of the lakeside villages, where narrow stone streets beckon you to wander and museums unveil tales of ancient battles and seasoned fishermen’s stories.
The artistic allure of the region harmonizes seamlessly with the thrill of adventure whether it’s an exhilarating Vespa ride along the scenic routes or seeking respite under the shade of centuries-old trees during the warmest days. At Lake Trasimeno, each experience is a canvas painted with the hues of exploration, culture, and natural beauty.

Explore nautical heritage at the boat museum

Journey into the heart of Lake Trasimeno’s maritime legacy at The Boat Museum, nestled within the historic ‘Rocca di Passignano,’ the Fortress of Passignano. This remarkable museum unveils a precious collection of boats not only from Lake Trasimeno but also from Piediluco, the Fucecchio Marshes, and even the Cabras Pond in Sardinia.
The curated display of these vessels is more than a visual spectacle; it’s a captivating narrative of tradition, providing a living testimony to the rich history of navigation and fishing on the lake. Step into the past as you explore the interior spaces of the fortress, where each boat tells a tale of cultural heritage and the enduring connection between the people and the waters that have shaped the region.

Immerse yourself in history and art at Tuoro's open-air museum

Nestled along the serene shores of Lake Trasimeno, the charming village of Tuoro stands as a witness to one of ancient Italy’s most legendary events the battle between Hannibal and the Roman legions. Today, Tuoro invites you to savor the delightful fusion of natural beauty and architectural charm within the village.
Embark on a journey through time as you explore Tuoro’s treasures, and don’t miss the Campo del Sole, an open-air museum adorned with contemporary sculptures. Wander through this artistic haven, where modern creations intertwine with the rich historical tapestry of the region, offering a unique and immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of time.

Discover tranquility and biodiversity at La Valle natural reserve

Just a short drive from Perugia lies a haven of peace and rejuvenation La Valle, a natural reserve where the dance of flora and fauna unfolds in perfect harmony. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this sanctuary, where the aerial acrobatics of countless water birds captivate the senses. Depending on the season and the time of day, you might be fortunate enough to witness the graceful pink hues of flamingos or marvel at the synchronized flight of migrating mallards. La Valle beckons as a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, offering a retreat where the beauty of the environment comes alive in every flutter and ripple, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful connection with the natural world.

Explore the enchanting islands of Lake Trasimeno

Gracefully adorning the tranquil waters of the lake are three captivating islands: Polvese Island, Maggiore Island, and the private sanctuary of Minore Island. Each holds its own unique allure waiting to be discovered.
Polvese Island, with its diverse landscape, has transformed into a wildlife reserve and a protected natural area. It proudly bears the title of a scientific and educational park, nestled within the Trasimeno Regional Park.
Conversely, Maggiore Island invites you to step into an ancient fishing village, still inhabited and adorned with medieval and Renaissance art.
The charm of this island unfolds through a ferry trip, offering a delightful experience to fully immerse yourself in the lake’s captivating atmosphere.

Discover Lake Trasimeno with Casamassima Country Relais

Casamassima Country Relais serves as the perfect launchpad to uncover the secrets of Lake Trasimeno. Benefit from the owners’ deep connections to the area as they guide you to the best experiences.
For the adventurous souls, the lake presents an array of water sports, from windsurfing and kitesurfing to wakeboarding, sailing, and water-skiin promising a thrilling aquatic playground for every enthusiast.