Umbria unveiled

Embark on a journey of discovery in Umbria, a land brimming with scenic and cultural splendor, rich craft traditions, and the delectable flavors of local cuisine. Allow us to reveal the secrets of the Green Heart of Italy through organized guided tours of charming medieval villages, tastings in breweries and wine cellars, invigorating hiking or cycling excursions, and unique experiences like truffle hunting a hidden treasure in our verdant forests.

Wineries and brewery tastings

No visit to Umbria is complete without delving into its rich culinary heritage. Immerse yourself in the region’s flavors through our curated guided tours of wineries and breweries.
Witness the intricate production processes, uncover the origins, roots, and stories behind each bottle of wine or beer.
Indulge in inevitable tastings, allowing you to explore the myriad nuances of taste and discover the infinite possibilities of pairing. It’s a journey into Umbria’s long-standing wine and food traditions that promises to leave your palate enriched and satisfied.

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Cashmere exploration

Enter the realm of the ‘Cashmere Valley,’ a moniker affectionately coined by returning English enthusiasts enamored with this luxurious fabric, particularly in the Trasimeno area.
In Umbria, beyond the enchanting lake, a plethora of outlets from renowned names and brands await your exploration. We’ll guide you to the most exclusive ones, offering top-quality clothing and accessories at remarkably affordable prices.
Seize this unique opportunity to bask in the splendor of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Immersive guided tours

Embark on a journey through Umbria where millennia of nature’s work and human creative ingenuity have brought forth genuine treasures.
Led by seasoned and qualified guides fluent in multiple languages, you’ll be captivated by the churches, museums, and historical-cultural gems tucked within the enchanting walls of the region’s medieval villages.
Allow us to unveil the most authentic facets of Umbria.

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Truffle quest

Delve into the essence of Umbria with an unmissable and thrilling experience: truffle hunting, one of our region’s most enjoyable pursuits. Join guided excursions in pursuit of this local delicacy, celebrated as one of the finest offerings from the Green Heart of Italy.
Cap off your adventure with a delectable truffle-infused lunch, savoring the bounty of your hunt.

Golfing retreat

Nestled in the hills of Umbria, our vicinity boasts the perfect setting for golf enthusiasts. Just a stone’s throw from our Relais lies the Antognolla Golf Course, meticulously designed by the renowned architect Robert Trent Jones Junior. With its expansive, rolling fairways, picturesque water hazards, and spacious, undulating greens, this course offers an exhilarating and gratifying experience for players of all skill levels.

Explore on e-bike or on foot

For a holiday that balances relaxation, fun, and carefree moments, seize the chance to embark on a leisurely hike or a slow e-bike outing an ideal way to disconnect from the routine and immerse yourself in the scenic landscapes that envelop us.
Harmonize your pace with the natural rhythm of the land: select your tempo and savor the unhurried moments.

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