Casamassima Country Relais

Situated just 5 km from Perugia in a strategic location for exploring the region’s renowned attractions, our Relais offers respite from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Warm welcome, tranquil oasis

Nestled in the breathtaking Umbrian countryside, our surroundings echo with the soothing sounds of nature.
Olive trees and vines dance along the valley, basking in the sunlight that graces the hills, while the wind delicately caresses the leaves. Authenticity defines every aspect of our retreat, from the warm welcome and genuine smiles to the living stones that form our walls and the ancient wood that composes our beams.

Step into a historic residence,

an exclusive place for a charming stay that transcends time. Revel in the beauty of the landscape, where panoramic surprises unfold before your eyes. Enjoy the tranquility of pergolas, the fragrance of blooming flowers, and the embrace of warm, direct sunlight

What sets us apart is our commitment to hospitality.

Whether you seek complete privacy or desire guidance with our personalized advice, suggestions, and responsive service tomeet your every need, we are here for you. Join us at our tablefor a dinner or lunch, where stories and tales about Umbria, we are here for you. Join us at our table for a dinner or lunch, where stories and tales about Umbria, our travels, or our passions, such as art and music, accompany the delicious flavors.

We eagerly await your arrival allow us the pleasure of pampering you.
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Family narrative

Ours is a tale woven through generations,
a story rooted in love for this cherished place that has guided our family’s choices throughout the years.
It is a narrative etched into the very walls, the vast fields, and the orderly rows of vines that define our estate.

The valley itself has been a dwelling place since the time of the ancient Etruscans, with evidence discovered during agricultural activities in the surrounding fields attesting to its historical significance.
The core of our property, comprising the manor house and tower, dates back to the 1600s, while the earliest documented record in our possession, from 1820, meticulously depicts the house and land in preparation for a change of ownership.

In 1862, the great-grandfather of our present owner acquired the estate, augmenting it with two farmhouses and ground-floor warehouses for agricultural use.
Further expansions occurred in 1871 and 1874 through the acquisition of ecclesiastical property auctioned by the newly formed Italian State, seized from the now non-existent Papal State.

The entire property transitioned to the son, a medical professional turned dedicated agriculturist, who earned accolades for the quality of the olive oil produced.
Subsequently, the house passed to the grandson, the current custodian of our legacy. Deeply attached to the place where he spent his childhood during the war years, he undertook renovations in the 1970s, rejuvenating both the house and the surrounding 25-hectare land.
In keeping with family tradition, the grandson expanded the olive groves and planted 8 hectares of vineyards, upholding the legacy that has shaped our identity for generations.

Unveiling our journey

Embark on a journey from our roots to the present as we share the tale of our restoration journey. Our commitment has been to enhance the original structure, preserving the essence of where our story begins.
The transformation includes the creation of a serene swimming pool in the former vegetable gardens, and in 2011, the revival of the former sharecroppers’ dwellings and farm warehouses, crafting an elegant and tranquil Relais seamlessly integrated into the authentic agricultural landscape.

Our suites, adorned with top-quality materials, have undergone meticulous refurbishment, ensuring every detail exudes excellence.

Breakfast comes served outdoors in the summer, while in winter it finds its ideal setting in a bright room once used as a greenhouse (former lemon house).
The old stable it is now a relaxation room available to guests who want to take the time to dedicate, for example, to leafing through the many volumes and books in our library.

In our pursuit of excellence, we enlisted the expertise of top professionals in architecture and lighting, fashioning an exclusive environment where our guests can relish a truly unique experience.
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