The farm

For centuries, a harmonious alliance between humanity and nature has thrived in Umbria. Farming, deeply ingrained in our roots and culture, remains a vital tradition. At Casamassima Country Relais, we uphold this enduring connection.
Each day, we nurture our 25 hectares of land as a sacred legacy, committed to their protection and preservation for generations to come.

Our products

Our products can be tasted during your stay at Casamassima Country Relais, but also purchased at the property or via direct contact.
We are available to guide you in choosing the variety and possible combinations to enhance it: after all, this is how we like it, from the farm to the table.


Our extra virgin olive oil embodies the artistry of tradition, derived from a meticulous curation of olives hand-harvested from our time-honored trees.

Crafted from a blend of expertly processed mixed cultivars Dolce Agogia, Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo it dons a rich green hue adorned with golden accents. Preserving the nutritional and sensory attributes of the fruit from which it springs, this oil stands as a culinary gem.

Best enjoyed in its raw form, it serves as the perfect companion to elevate dishes like grilled Chianina meat, fish, and vegetables. For a culinary symphony, drizzle it over classic bruschetta, providing an unparalleled burst of flavors.

Chardonnay Wine

Be it the refined Chardonnay or the robust Merlot IGT, our wines originate from a scrupulous selection of the finest grapes.

Chardonnay, presenting itself in a straw-yellow hue, offers a fragrant and dry profile with an elegant foundation of ripe fruits.

Ideal companions include cured meats, mature cheeses, as well as first and second courses featuring fish and white meat.

Merlot Wine

Merlot, adorned in ruby red, boasts a harmonious and well-structured taste, characterized by a pleasing freshness and distinct vinous qualities.

Its versatile nature finds compatibility with first courses, red meats, cold cuts, and young cheeses.

Pieve San Sebastiano Estate

Founded in the latter half of the 19th century by Giuseppe Ragnotti, the grandfather of the present owner, Pieve San Sebastiano farm is a testament to deep-seated passion. Giuseppe, formerly a Professor of Anatomy at the University of Perugia, wholeheartedly embraced agriculture and, in particular, olive cultivation.

Driven by his commitment, Giuseppe erected an oil mill, crafting exquisite oils of unparalleled quality that garnered immediate success. His accolades, including the Gold Medal at the 1902 International Trade Fair in Foligno and the 1913 Diploma of Merit for Labour, are still proudly displayed today. Inheriting the estate, Giuseppe’s grandson perpetuated the family legacy.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he expanded the olive groves, introducing new trees alongside the old ones, and cultivated an additional 8 hectares of vineyards.

Curious about our products? Reach out to us! Whether you prefer to write or call, we are here to handle every detail.